Puppies in our kennel

From the day they are born, puppies have 24/7 care. They get all the love and affection we can give them. This is one of the most important period of their life, which they spend with their mother, getting familiar with different objects, noises and people. That is foundation of their socialization which will affect their future development. In the first few weeks after they are born we apply early neurological stimulation (thermal and tactile stimulation, motion and locomotion) which is proofed to improve and enhance performance of the puppies. You can read more about that here: Early Neurological Stimulation

Our puppies may go to a new home after 8 weeks:

  • dewormed,
  • vaccinated,
  • microchipped,
  • examined by vet and breeding leader
  • with EU passport
  • with HKS (FCI) export pedigree
  • with start package (high premium food, collar, leash, toys)

Our goal is to breed nice, healthy dogs, with excellent temperament. That is why we carefully choose the male for our girl. The choosen one has to be top quality show dog, with excellent temperament and most importantly, with good health!

Future owners of our puppies

We try to find best possible owners for our pupps. It is important to us that puppies go to a home where they will be equal members of the family. We will stay in touch with new owners and will be there for them for any support they need. Puppies can go to a dog show, but that is just an option. More important to us is that owners are active and that they give enough exercise and affection to their new dog. If new owners are interested in the dog shows, there is also option of co-ownership. If you are interested in puppy from our kennel, or you have any other question, feel free to contact us.


(Didi & Mateja)


As it is really important to as that we have enough time for needs of each individual dog and that a dog has his own activities, we cannot keep every perspective puppy. But, we would still like to show them and use them in future breedings. Fortunately, there is the possibility of co-ownership, which makes this possible. In practice, that means that the breeder and future owner are the co-owners of one dog. Dog lives in a new home with his new family and breeder usually takes care of everything in terms of dog shows and breeding.

Although you are just looking for a wonderful companion, your dog still can be a champion, even if you are not interested in exhibiting and breeding. Terms of co-ownership can be different and are always defined on mutual agreement. You can get a dog in co-ownership for much smaller price.