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KOSSP Zagreb search and rescue workshop 2017

27 Jun 17
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KOSSP Zagreb Search and Rescue workshop was organized from 23rd to 25th June 2017 on Petehovac. Petehovac Mountain Center is located in the hinterland of Rijeka and the Kvarner Coast, in the central area of Gorski Kotar and close to the town Delnice. Petehovac Petehovac is a cradle of Croatian hiking and skiing, located at an altitude of 1035 m.


70 dogs from Croatia and Slovenia came to the exercise, and upon arrival they were divided into 8 different groups. One search was scheduled for Friday, on Saturday two and Sunday one again. In addition to standard forest searches, searches in ruins and simulation of search exam were organized. The search consists of sending the dog in the desired direction, dog searches the terrain and when he finds the lost person, notifies his guide by barking. After that, dos are awarded with food or toys.

A lecture about maintrailing was held on Friday by Matjaž Zanut. Maintrailing is the skill in which the dog follows the scent of a certain person. A lecture about dog obedience and solving problems in rescue obedience was held on Sunday by Ivan Miholić.


Didi was in a team with border collie Juppy, aussie Speed, labrador Donom, doberman Saga, samojed Plišom, german shepard Hernes and husky Kira. On Friday we first tried a search for one person to see what degree of knowledge was the dog. We made a simple search, the lost person was hidden along the way and all dogs found it very quickly. All tree days, searching was done without motivation. This means that the dog does not know where the lost person is hidden and the person does not give him any sound or visual signal – such as calling or waving. After the first search, we did another search in the tall grass. That was rather complicated to the dogs because the scent travels differently in tall grass than in the woods. Dogs were jumping in order to move easier and to catch the smell in the air. With some help, they also overcame this obstacle.


The second day we went to a harder field, which was quite steep. Dogs have been very successful again. Generally, natural barrier are quite complicated to the dogs, so if they find a creek, for example, it will happen that they will turn and continue searching along the creek rather than crossing it. On the video you can see Didi in search over two barriers. Some dogs have done altitude search on this training, which means that the markers are hiding on the tree.

In the afternoon we had a simulation of the exam situation. Since Didi officially trained for only 3 months, she did not go to the simulation. But she did search for 6 lost persons in a single search, without coming back to her guide. Lost persons were hidden 5 to 30 m away from the road.


The last day we were back on the steep terrain so dogs were doing a search along contours line.

U ova tri dana naučili smo zbilja puno, susreli smo se s različitim razmišljanjima, metodama rada, različitim terenima, markirantima i za kraj, uvježbali smo lajanje. 🙂 Hvala Jasni Šporar, koja nas je vodila ova tri dana, na svim savjetima i predivnim slikicama.

Nakon ovog tabora, motivacija je definitivno porasla i jedva čekamo sljedeći trening i naravno, brojimo 365 dana do sljedećeg tabora.


(Dio zagrebačkog tima)

Special dog show for Retrievers and Spaniels, CACIB Zagreb 25.-27.11.2016.

30 Nov 16
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Zagreb is one of the dog shows we’re really looking forward to. This dog show is held in our home town, and in the same time, we helped in organization of “Croatian Sheepdog World Championship 2016.” On Saturday, 29.11. was also offical confirmation of our Croatian breed – tornjak. After the show we went to a dinner with border collie owners from Croatia, Italy and Greece.

On the show we have seen a lot of friends and acquaintance and we also acchieved excellent results. On Frieday, on a special dog show of retrievers and spaniels, where was 28 Golden Retrievers – Didi became Best Opposite Sex! She moved like a rocket through the ring!

On Saturday she was excellent and on Sunday she got first CAC title on International Dog Show in Croatia.

Special dog show for Retrievers and Spaniels 25.11.

Judge: Jana Janekova (SK)

Diana Of Sunnyfields – 15 months – Intermedia Class – Excellent I, CAC, Best female, Best Opposite Sex

CACIB Zagreb 26.11.

Judge: Lui Oliviera (POR)

Diana Of Sunnyfields – 15 months – Intermedia Class – Excellent

CACIB Zagreb 27.11.

Judge: Grzegorz Weron (POL)

Diana Of Sunnyfields – 15 months – Intermedia Class – Excellent I, CAC


International Dog Show Lipica I, 8.10.2016.

09 Oct 16
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On Internacional Dog Show in Lipica, Didi got 3rd Junior Winner Title in Slovenia, so she is now JUNIOR CHAMPION OF SLOVENIA!!!

She is also Crufts 2017 qualificated! Crufts is world’s largest dog show.


CACIB Lipica, 8.10.2016.

Diana Of Sunnyfields, 14 months

Judge: Laurent Pichard (CH)

Junior Class Females (3)
Junior Winner and Crufts qualificated 2017


International Dog Show Karlovac, 24. and 25.9.2016.

25 Sep 16
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As a member of KOSSP we got free entries for the International Dog Show in Karlovac. Both Bono and Didi were competing, but more important, they had wonderful time – playing with friends – 2 border collies “Kia” and “Ellie” from InGold’s kennel, swimming in Korana and walking in the nature.

Both days, Didi was excellent and Bono was Veteran Winner. First day Bono was also shortlisted in Best in Show Veterans.

Second day we had a great help from our friend Nikolina. You can read adventures about her and her great pyrinees here: Rosa Adventures.
Bono and Didi playing
Bono smiling in the ring
Didi and Mateja
Didi and Mateja
Oh, what do you have here?
Catch it!
Shake it, shake it 🙂
Roll over Bethoven 🙂

CACIB Karlovac 24.9.

Judge: Gunter Wonich (AUT)

Diana Of Sunnyfields – Junior Female Class – Excellent

Bono Golden Shine – Veteran Class – Excellent, Veteran Winner, BIS Veterans – shortlisted

CACIB Karlovac 25.9.

Diana Of Sunnyfields – Junior Female Class – Excellent

Bono Golden Shine – Veteran Class – Excellent, Veteran Winner

International Dog Show Lendava, 18.9.2016.

18 Sep 16
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International dog show Lendava was held in Slovenia, in sport-recreative center.

Lana Premk was handling Didi in Junior Class, wher she won against two junior females, one from Switzerland and one from Italy. This is Didi’s second Junior Winner title in Slovenia. But the little one didn’t stop only with that, she was pronounced as Best Female and Best Opposite Sex.

In the selection of the most beautiful young dog of the show (Junior Best in Show), she earned the title of the most beautiful dog in VIII. FCI group.

Didi i MatejaCACIB Lendava, 18.09.2016.
Diana Of Sunnyfields, 13 months

Judge: Aleksander Svetelšek (SLO)
Junior Female Class (3)
Junior Winner
Junior Best of Breed
Best Female
Best Opposite Sex

Judge: Giuliano Biasolo (IT)
Junior Best in Show (30)
Junior Best of VIII. FCI Group