We are family from Zagreb (Croatia) – Mateja, Zoran and our son Luka. Mateja is working in IT industry and Zoran is professor of physical education. Breeding is our hobby and our passion. We love to have puppies at home and we aim to breed happyhealthy and stable Golden Retrievers and Border Collies.

Even when she was a kid, Mateja was dreaming to have a house near the woods and a Golden Retriever. Firts Golden Retriever came into her life in 2007. – Bono Golden Shine. Through Bono, Mateja instantly fell in love with this breed. Bono had everything you could wish for in a Golden Retriever – he was getting along with everyone – males, females, cats – he loved people, especially children. He was enjoying his walks, hikes and runs, but he was also ok if we haven’t been active few days in a row. He loved to be cuddled and had typical Golden Retriever laugh (showing his teeth when really satisfied with something). He just fell a sleep being 12,5 years old and he left as. He was still jumping, running and playing with puppies just a day before he suddenly left us.